Blog: In Defence of Saladin Ahmed

This is the first in what I’m going to call my ‘blogging series’. I’m aware that I run a blog, so technically every post is ‘blogging’. However, most of my posts tend to be less about me and my opinions and more about topics. They’re more magazine-y in style, because that’s the type of content I enjoy reading.

So, from time to time, I’ll write a true ‘blog post’ which I’ll use to discuss myself and issues that I want to talk about and share my opinion on. Hopefully you guys will read them and enjoy them just as much as my other content.

Today I want to talk about a certain fantasy author called Saladin Ahmed who broke onto the scene in 2012 with Throne of the Crescent Moon. It was a fantastic book and I even reviewed it for this blog. So late last year I decided to go looking for the sequel (assuming there was one). Much to my disappointment I found nothing on Amazon and nothing in my local bookshop either. I decided to check out Mr. Ahmed’s website in December last year and I finally found answers.

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Review: Throne of the Crescent Moon

My Score: 4/5

When I started off reading Throne of the Crescent Moon, I assumed it was going to be part of an ongoing trilogy (though I understand more standalone books are planned). It was a thin novel for the genre but this was one thing that told me this book was going to be a little different to my standard fare.

All the characters are likable and real. Doctor Adoulla Makhslood is the star of the show, though I did find myself irritated by him later on in the story because the other characters around him started to shine. Raseed and Zamia were both characters that I instantly warmed to and I particularly loved their awkward interactions as the story progressed. Litaz and Dawoud, the fourth and fifth viewpoint characters, were OK but didn’t particularly draw me in as much as the others.

I did start to lose steam as I neared the halfway point of the novel. There is a definite slow-down on the action at this point and I felt that I wasn’t as concerned with finding out how the story ends as I should have been by this point. As I read on into the final third of the story, however, all the stops really came out and the fantastic climax arrives just as you are settling in for a longer ride. I almost wished I could read on or delve deeper into the world. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a second book in this series coming soon.

All in all, a fantastic romp through an original fantasy world with some interesting characters along for the ride. Would have liked more emotional investment, but the finale didn’t fail to disappoint. Recommended for any fantasy fans.

Review can also be found on the book’s Amazon page here.