Spirit Thorn at BestThinking.com

For those of you who remember our interview with Mr. Zacharias O’Bryan, you’ll be pleased to hear his book Spirit Thorn was recently picked up by Best Thinking (Thinker Books). I encourage any fantasy fans to go check out the brilliant eBook. Here’s a short blurb:

Do parallel worlds exist? Searching for proof, Professors Rodger & Cassie Swift vanish. Kestrelle, a spirit-like girl claiming to know their fate, tells their son Braden he must brave a whitewater tooth-sprouting river into a land where wise vultures predict the future and blue minds inhabit lava caves. Only two powers can help: Kestrelle’s Blood Thorn and Braden’s vine-painted guitar.

Zacharias O’Bryan’s novel Spirit Thorn: A Tale of Parallel Worlds unifies spiritual ethics with both ecological mandates and the mind-bending cosmology of cutting-edge physics. Written as a science-fiction/fantasy adventure, Spirit Thorn captures seekers of all ages, from precocious ten-year-olds to questing adults.

Get Spirit Thorn today at BestThinking.com!

Author Interview: Zacharias O’Bryan

Right, I’m back in business, although I don’t get internet at my new place for a while yet 😦 So, we have a brand new interview for you today. I really hope everyone’s enjoying this series and getting as much enjoyment from it as I am. Next week, I’m going to leave another short break and I’ll put up a special article instead. Following that, however, we’ll have two more authors on the blog which you will not want to miss! Please enjoy.

Zacharias O'BryanZacharias O’Bryan is the author of Spirit Thorn, a scifi/fantasy story which brings together some interesting and original elements. Keep reading for more from Zacharias and to find out more about his writing! Continue reading

“The Fall” Free eBook Promotion

Just thought I would let everyone know that my eBook “The Fall”, a collection of fantasy shorts, will be completely FREE for the next 5 days. The offer starts tomorrow (Wednesday 4th April) so get yourself over to Amazon and take a look! Links are below:

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There are also versions available for other European countries – just search for J. W. Shortland on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please leave me a review and let me know what you think.


“The Fall” Now Available!

First, I have to apologise for a delay which meant my new eBook “The Fall” wasn’t up on Amazon until this morning. I can happily announce it is now up and ready to read. Links below 🙂

Amazon.co.uk: The Fall

Amazon.com: The Fall

It’s also up on the various Amazon sites for Europe – just search for J. W. Shortland.

~ James