“The Fall” Free eBook Promotion

Just thought I would let everyone know that my eBook “The Fall”, a collection of fantasy shorts, will be completely FREE for the next 5 days. The offer starts tomorrow (Wednesday 4th April) so get yourself over to Amazon and take a look! Links are below:

Amazon US: The Fall

Amazon UK: The Fall

There are also versions available for other European countries – just search for J. W. Shortland on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please leave me a review and let me know what you think.


“The Fall” Now Available!

First, I have to apologise for a delay which meant my new eBook “The Fall” wasn’t up on Amazon until this morning. I can happily announce it is now up and ready to read. Links below 🙂

Amazon.co.uk: The Fall

Amazon.com: The Fall

It’s also up on the various Amazon sites for Europe – just search for J. W. Shortland.

~ James

Published: The Fall

I thought I would share that my collection of short stories, entitled ‘The Fall’ is now up on Amazon for Kindle and should be available to purchase shortly! (Link to follow soon!)

I’ve put up a trailer for the book here. Check it out if you have a moment!

My flash fiction piece ‘Three Brothers – An Unfortunate Tale‘ is also going to be completely free for the next five days too.


This being my first post, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

The idea for this blog first came to me when I decided I’d start a writing journal, in which I could put any thoughts or experiences relating to writing fiction or to my own project specifically. After some deliberation, I thought I’d make it an online journal, for all to see and share.

So, I’ll try to post something every day and all I ask from you is a minute or so of your attention whenever you feel like it. I’ll also be putting up my short stories/flash fiction over the next few days so there’s that to look forward to…

Time to sign off. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!