Having read this review for ‘Throne of the Crescent Moon’ by Saladin Ahmed, I’m now eagerly awaiting it to arrive from Amazon. Check it out if you get a chance, it looks very interesting indeed.

The Malaysian Reader

Popular modern English fantasy is largely the result of “white” meeting “bread”. The authors were/are more often than not very WASPish and their stories clearly have a medieval European feel to it. Nothing wrong there. After all, you should write what you know about. Still, it would be nice to read something not set in thinly disguised 12th century Europe where the only swarthy characters are the villains. That’s why Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon went straight to my must-read-now list when I first learned about it (thanks Omnivoracious!) The author’s name and the title were enough to make me pre-order it even though I’ve gone off fantasy novels lately. I’m impulsive and fickle like that.

Being of Arab descent (not sure if he’s Muslim though, not that it matters) Saladin Ahmed chose to set his Crescent Moon Kingdoms in a distinctly Middle Eastern landscape with Arabic-like…

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  1. hereticfox 10-Apr-2012 / 08:53


    I can’t but groan a little every time I pick up a new fantasy book, to find nobody has taken bold new liberties with their settings! Let’s have some fun with what we’re writing, folks! How many great stories can YOU think of that involve a sandy nation whose very survival seems to be balanced upon the potential of a successful invasion into those nations of perfect soil where “hunger” or even “thirst” barely seem to be a problem?

    I could think of hundreds! So much potential in a Middle-Eastern-esque setting!

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