Fantasy In Motion’s 3rd Anniversary

I don’t have a punchy title today, so this will have to suffice. I want to talk about the blog itself today, share some updates and be unashamedly self-indulgent!

This month marked my 3-year anniversary with WordPress, meaning I’ve been blogging for quite a while in one form or another (perhaps with a teenie weenie hiatus). Over that period, I’ve experimented with other blogs, but I’ve always returned to Fantasy In Motion. I have a really great readership here and what’s great is many of you frequently comment and link through to my posts.

We’ve seen some redesigns over the years. I used to have a compulsion to constantly change things around, try new things and design new logos, buttons etc. We’ve had ill-fated “Champion Posts”, an interview with a fictional pony and even our own webcomic. Since then, I’m pleased to say I’ve adopted the mantra of ‘keep it simple, stupid’. If the content is good, people will come.

The Force

I’d like to share a few of the blog’s old logos at the end of this post, so scroll down for some nostalgia.

Fantasy In Motion Stats

  • This month, our WordPress subscriber base reached over 200 people. Thanks, guys!
  • On Twitter, I have 926 followers, which technically counts towards the blog’s fan base (but really shouldn’t). On our Facebook page, we have just 24 Likes – why not pay the page a visit and show your support? 🙂
  • In our first year, 2012, we had 24,000 views and 707 visitors. In 2013, we had 9,000 views, but a whopping 4,500 visitors. In 2014, even though I wasn’t blogging for a long period, we had 6,000 views and 3,000 visitors.
  • Our all-time most popular series was the Mapmaking Tutorial. Coming in close behind are our Elements of Fantasy series, our Top 10 features and our Worldbuilder’s Workout series. Updates on these below!
  • Overall, we’ve had 356 comments, 40,787 views, 8647 visitors and the most views on any one post was 2027.
Trove Thursday
What were we thinking?!

Update Time!

Ah yes, those promised January updates…

  • Well, first I’d like to start with the bad news. Unfortunately, the aforementioned (and long-awaited) Mapmaking Tutorial will not be making a comeback. I really have to apologise for keeping so many of you in the dark about this feature, but I’ve realised that it just isn’t viable to host it on the blog.
    • There are a few factors here. First, I don’t have copies of the old tutorial or any of the images, so I can’t simply re-post it. Second, I now make maps for people via my portfolio/blog Curious Cartography. I’d really like to draw anyone who is interested in maps towards that site – I may update it with useful links and one-off tutorials, so do keep it bookmarked. I’m usually available to discuss new commissions/requests, so people feel free to drop me an email.
  • The second update is one for any fans of the old webcomic, Life As They Know It (and the spin-offs, Blatant Fantasy Ripoff and Incredibly Awesome Superheroes). I’m pleased to say I’m going to be re-hosting those strips on Fantasy In Motion, on their own dedicated page. I won’t be adding to those series’ anymore, so consider those as three completed mini-series’.
    • I’m throwing around an idea at the moment for a fortnightly webcomic tentatively named Not So EPIC, which would take a humorous look at the fantasy genre’s most prevalent stereotypes and some of its most beloved characters. Stay tuned!
  • The final update I have to share is that I’ll be continuing the Elements of Fantasy series very soon. Except new episodes at least once a month. Also being resurrected is Worldbuilder’s Workout, a popular series that aims to help budding world-builders and writers craft their settings. That will most likely return on a monthly basis.

It takes a surprising amount of work to create content for this blog. As time has moved on, my posts seem to have gotten longer, too. I have strived to make my content more engaging, with vibrant images, an easy writing style and a range of topics covered. I don’t tend to blog about myself (mostly because my life is not that eventful), so I write a lot of magazine-y posts, which you guys obviously enjoy reading.

So, I owe you all a big ‘thank you’ for sticking around and continuing to engage with the blog. I obviously don’t blog for any monetary gain (no snazzy private hosting), so I just do it for fun and to have a place to share my thoughts, opinions and ideas. I’m hoping to make 2015 a great year for Fantasy In Motion and I hope you’ll stay for the ride!

Now, here’s some nostalgia for you…

Fantasy In Motion’s Logos Through the Years



Fantasy in Motion Logo




3 thoughts on “Fantasy In Motion’s 3rd Anniversary

  1. N. E. White 28-Jan-2015 / 19:55

    Huh. I actually remember all those logos… Funny how images stick in your head. Maybe I should get a logo…

    • James 28-Jan-2015 / 20:57

      Unfortunately the logos for this blog have probably been some of the blandest I’ve designed. Maybe that’s a good thing, though!

      • N. E. White 28-Jan-2015 / 22:45

        Always good to experiment. But it does have me thinking I need to ‘brand’ myself…or not!

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