Fiction Friday Episode 3 is Coming!

Hey everyone! Due to an unforeseen event this morning, I’ve not been able to compose anything worth reading on here. However, I do have an important reminder for you all!
Fiction Friday: Episode 3 will be here in 2 days! That means you only have a short time left to add your contributions to the story for this week. Just follow the link below and leave a comment with your entry. It doesn’t have to be perfect, long or even remotely intelligible – just write whatever you want!

>> Fiction Friday: The Story – Episode 2 <<

And if you encounter any difficulty leaving a comment on the post, just contact me with your entry and I’ll consider it with the rest!

I’ll see you on Friday. Be there or… well… don’t be there!

~ James

“The Fall” Free eBook Promotion

Just thought I would let everyone know that my eBook “The Fall”, a collection of fantasy shorts, will be completely FREE for the next 5 days. The offer starts tomorrow (Wednesday 4th April) so get yourself over to Amazon and take a look! Links are below:

Amazon US: The Fall

Amazon UK: The Fall

There are also versions available for other European countries – just search for J. W. Shortland on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please leave me a review and let me know what you think.


Flash Fiction: Three Brothers – An Unfortunate Tale

Today I finally got something written to enter into the monthly Flash Fiction competition on the SFF World forums.

For those of you who don’t have accounts on the forums, you can take a read of the piece here:

Three Brothers – An Unfortunate Tale


Visit my writing page on this very blog here.

The theme this month was Fairytales & Folklore and it has to have a SF/Fantasy twist/element to it. If you do decide to have a look, do let me know your thoughts and I hope you enjoy it!

~ James