Writing Techniques

Have you ever wondered just what it takes to be a fantasy writer? Well, I’m not sure I can give you a definitive answer, but I’ve collected together a few posts that can help you on your way.

What Are the Rules?

I’d be reluctant to say that there are any rules for writing fantasy, but there are a few tips I would give you. Read on…

Fantasy Do’s and Dont’s

Fantasy Cliches Come in Pairs

What is a Fantasy Cliche?

Taking Notice

As a writer, you have to take notice of people and events that are going on around you. Take a look at these posts and hopefully you’ll be inspired to look a little closer.

Watch and Learn

Making Connections: Memories & Emotions

Referencing the Past

Writing in Colour

Read, Read, Read!

As a writer, the absolute best advice I can give you is to read! If I might give you a suggestion, you can start right here with my very own stories 😉

My Stories


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