To Build a World

Ever struggled to piece together your fantasy world and not known where to turn? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve dug out some of my favourite posts from the archives which should help.

Organising Your World

So, you have an idea for a fantasy world, but where do you start? How about creating your very own wiki to help order your thoughts?

Building a Wiki For Your Novel

Naming Your World

Everywhere needs a name, perhaps even more importantly for a place that is made up. Here’s a post that should help you out.

And Don’t Call Me Shirley – Place Names

Making Your World Live

Ready to start bringing your world to life? Look no further than the article below and my very own fantasy map-making tutorial!

Stimulating Your Setting to Life

Writing in Colour

Worldbuilder’s Workout



Here Be Dragons – Mapping Your Fantasy World

Part One: Plasma Clouds, the Land & the Sea

Part Two: Rivers, Lakes, Mountains and… a shrubbery!

Part Three: Cities, Roads and Names, oh my!

Why not visit the Mapmaking home page for more?


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