Creating Characters

One thing that I love to write about on the blog is characters. I’ve collected together some of my articles on writing characters which I hope will help you out.

Getting to Know Your Character

When it comes to learning just who your character is, it can sometimes be confusing and daunting. So, here are a pair of posts dealing with familiarising yourself with your character and thinking up a name for them.

A Bullet to the Brain – Writing Like a Sniper

And Don’t Call Me Shirley – Character Names

Getting the Best From Your Characters

Getting Your Character Down on Paper

It’s all very well thinking up a character, but just how do you go about actually writing them down? Hopefully these three posts will help you out.

Cementing a Character Through Description

You’re Not Schizophrenic, Am I?

First Person vs. Third Person

Writing a Group of Characters

Groups are a common feature in fantasy stories, but just how do authors manage to write them so well and bring them to life? Look no further!

LFG: Groups, Bands & Fellowships In Fantasy

Other Articles

What is a Fantasy Cliche?

Reblogged: A Few Essential Tips on Character


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