The Ultimate Fantasy Christmas Wishlist

Well, it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for our round-up of the ten coolest fantasy-themed gifts for your wish lists this Christmas! Yes, I know it’s probably too late to order any of these in time for Christmas. No, I don’t feel bad for that. Yes, you may buy all of these gifts for me as a way of showing that you forgive me.

#1 – Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Collectible Set

Game of Thrones Dragon CollectiblePerhaps one of the most awesome things I’ve seen this year. You can now actually own Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs and mooch around your living room naked, pretending you’re the goddamn Mother of Dragons or something!

Alternatively, you could pretend you’re Eragon. Yeah, not as exciting is it?

Go check it out at the official HBO store.

#2 – ‘Trust Me, I’m the Doctor’ T-Shirt

Doctor Who T-ShirtForget over-long scarves, cricket whites and suit-trainer combos, this is what we all want to see the next Doctor rocking!

Paired with some tan shorts and a pair of sandals, this is a Doctor that just doesn’t care. Like some sort of cross-breed of DCI Gene Hunt and Noel Gallagher, this could be the grittiest Doctor yet!

‘Trust me, love, I’m the Doctor. Where’s that bloody cup of tea?’

Hop in the TARDIS and pick one up!

#3 – ‘Feel the Force’ Self Stir Mug

Star Wars MugImpress your friends with this Force-powered mug, proving without any doubt that you are a Jedi.

‘What? Why do my powers only work on hot beverages? Err… didn’t you know that a Sith’s greatest weakness is tea that whizzes round really fast? Yeah…’

Bring balance to the Force now…

#4 – Lovecraftian Darwinism T-Shirt

Lovecraft T-ShirtEver wondered what cards evolution still hasn’t played for humankind? Wonder no more – this is the future!

And it’s kind of terrifying. *Gulp*

Seek it and ye shall find…

#5 – Eolian Talent Pipe Brooch Pin

Patrick Rothfuss Name of the Wind PipesDirect from the official ‘Tinkerer’s Pack’ store, now you can own part of Patrick Rothfuss’ epic tale.

Who the hell needs musical talent when you can just buy your way into the Eolian? Take that, Kvothe!

Now you too can burn down the town of Trebon, spend the night with Felurian and just generally be an all-round cocky bastard.

#6 – Orcrist Full Size Prop Replica

Orcrist Thorin's Sword

One of the best things on this list, hands down. A real, full-size replica of Orcrist, the famed sword of Thorin Oakenshield.

Now all you need to do is hire a troupe of dwarfs, abduct your Grandpa from the old folks’ home and find a kid with hairy feet and you’re well on your way to real-life fantasy adventure!

Yes, Dwarves can use swords too. It’s not all axes and John Rhys-Davies, you know!

#7 – Discworld Ales

Discworld AlesWhat needs to be said about this? Now you can get hammered and ensure your hallucinations are ten times weirder than normal.

Discworld. Ales. That is all you need to know.

Now go! Go and live your wildest dreams!

#8 – Electric DeLorean

Back to the Future DeLorean‘Marty, we have to go back to the future after we’ve gone back to the past and back back to the future-past-future!’

‘Yay! Hoverboards!’

Just one of the exciting conversations you and your friends will have if you lay down £70,000 for this bad boy. Oh, didn’t I mention that? £70,000!

It has free delivery, though.

Duuun, duuuun, duuuun… dun, dun, dun, dun… da, dum, da, dum, da, duuuum, duuun, daa!

#9 – ‘There and Back Again…’: An Adventure Journal

Lord of the Rings JournalSo much potential, yet so simple.

If you have kids, make sure you get them into Lord of the Rings at an early (still impressionable) age. Then one Christmas, crack out this journal and a smoking pipe and put a cheap gold ring in their Christmas stockings.

‘What, Dad, we have to carry the ring to the fires of Mount Doom? Really?

‘Yes indeed, and you’ll need to be gone for at least… oh I don’t know… six hours? At least until the Doctor Who Christmas Special is finished. Yes…’

A guaranteed peaceful Christmas Day.

Won’t the real Bilbo Baggins please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

#10 – Rivendell Environment Miniature (Weta)

Rivendell Lord of the Rings ModelStraight from the geniuses at Weta Workshop in Hobbit Country (sometimes known as New Zealand), this is a detailed replica of the environment miniature that was used in the filming of The Lord of the Rings.

There are plenty of other locations available too, such as Orthanc and Bag End. Awesome, right?

Take me to Middle-earth!

Well, hopefully you guys enjoyed this awesome run-down of Fantasy-themed Christmas gifts.

Check back tomorrow for our special Christmas edition of ‘Fantasy In Motion Interviews…

Festive Fantasy Week 2013 (#FestiveFantasyWeek)

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