The Top 10 List of Fantasy Cities & Settlements

This is my personal list of favourite fantasy cities, towns, castles and villages. Join in and leave a comment below!

  1. Marienburg (Warhammer)
  2. Helm’s Deep (LOTR)
  3. The Imperial City (Elder Scrolls)
  4. Adua (The First Law)
  5. Stormwind City (Warcraft)
  6. Ankh-Morpork (Discworld)
  7. Avalon (King Arthur)
  8. Altdorf (Warhammer)
  9. Midgar (Final Fantasy VII)
  10. Minas Tirith (LOTR)

That was not an easy list. I know I’ve missed out some awesome cities. Let me know which ones!


13 thoughts on “The Top 10 List of Fantasy Cities & Settlements

  1. Lauraducky 15-Oct-2012 / 11:45

    Lion’s Arch (Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2)
    Haven (Artemis Fowl)
    Danu Talis (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
    Ellesmera, Farthen Dur (Inheritance Cycle)

    Ankh Morpork is truly the mother of all fantasy cities, it’s gotta be my favourite. I would have Minas Tirith before Helm’s Deep, mostly because Helm’s Deep seems to me just a fortress where Rohan decided to cower. Just my personal opinion.

  2. paulmartin33 15-Oct-2012 / 13:34

    Great list, those that I have read firsthand I am in complete agreeance with. Hopefully it’s not something that’s reflected in my own personality but I also find Menzoberranzan (Forgotten Realms) a fascinating city, full of constant treachery…lovely!

  3. blsmadden 15-Oct-2012 / 15:32

    I’d probably pop Hogwarts and Hobbiton in there – I like it simple. Minas Tirith definitely, but I’d probably lean towards Rivendell and Lorien. I know everything can’t be Lotr, but…it’s hard to beat. Midgar, definitely, and if all fantasy counts, I might even be tempted to say Tokyo-3 from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    • James 16-Oct-2012 / 07:41

      Hmm, didn’t think of Hogwarts – is it classed as a settlement?

      Rivendell and Lorien were obvious choices, but I always preferred the castle-type places in LOTR. Hobbiton should have been up there too.

      • Lauraducky 16-Oct-2012 / 08:32

        Hogsmeade would work, as the only wizarding settlement in Britain.

  4. Carl 15-Oct-2012 / 16:43

    I have to give props to Esthar in Final Fantasy VIII; the roads and atmosphere was nicely put together, and it was hidden behind a digital veil.

    • James 16-Oct-2012 / 07:40

      I’m sorry to say that VIII kinda slipped past me. I went from VII straight to IX.

  5. Sophie E Tallis 15-Oct-2012 / 20:15

    Great list. I’d add Gormenghast too to that list. Also, and I’m utterly biased here, I would also add my own cities and settlements to the list, Kallorm -‘City of Light’ also known as Dwellum or Silverden, Fendellin and Mund’harr (High Mound), Harr’Oss (High Mist), Issatun (City of Ice) and Koralan – The Sand City. 😛

    • James 16-Oct-2012 / 07:38

      I was torn between adding Gormenghast and not. So hard to choose just 10 :/

      • Sophie E Tallis 16-Oct-2012 / 21:38

        Oh yes! 😀

  6. forgingshadows 16-Oct-2012 / 07:10

    I would cast a vote for New Crobuzon, from Perdido Street Station. Completely awesome, crazy book. Haven’t managed the rest in the series, though.

    • James 16-Oct-2012 / 07:38

      Really must have a read of that.

  7. forgingshadows 16-Oct-2012 / 07:10

    ooh, and London Below from Neverwhere, I just remembered.

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