New Week, New Start, New Goodies!

Right, there’s four main things I want to address in today’s post:

  1. Champion Posts are gone! :O shocking?
  2. In their place are the new Regular Features (details below).
  3. There’s a revamped secondary navigation bar (that’s the grey one).
  4. Forget all that you know about the posting schedule. It’s scrapped. Read on to find out more…
Champion Posts…

The great thing about blogging is the flexibility and spontaneity of the content. Sometimes I’ll try things out and they’ll work great, but other times I’ll try out ideas and they’ll fail to strike a chord with me or you, the reader. I think Champion Posts were a little too structured and confined by what the individual features were. To that end, I’ve closed out the category for them and rolled them into others as follows:

  • Worldbuilder’s Workout – this will continue to be a feature within the Worldbuilding category.
  • Fantasy Unleashed – this will be discontinued.
  • Writing By Quotes – this may continue and will be under the Writing category.
  • Fantasy In Motion Interviews… – this will be discontinued. It was a fun one-off, though.
… And Regular Features!

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? Regular posts are great fun and they’re something to look forward to each week/month/whenever. So, here’s our new lineup. You can be pretty certain this won’t be changing again anytime soon (unless I add new features):

  • Fiction Friday: The Story – This is our new weekly story. This is going strong and turning out some surprising plot twists. Take a look here.
  • The Fantasy Photo – A brand new feature where I take a photo with my phone, put it up here and you have a guess what it might be and what fantasy theme/story/character it relates to. I’m anticipating this as a new Wednesday feature.
  • Reviewed! – Another new feature in which I review something fantasy-related (books, games, food, places, movies etc.) and leave you my honest verdict.
  • Epic List of the Week – A fun new feature where I’ll compile a Top 10 list of various things and you guys can chime in with your thoughts and even add to the list.
The Secondary Nav Bar (A.K.A. The Magic Content Menu)

Scroll up the page a little and find the navigation bar for the blog. See that grey section underneath the main bar? That’s what I call the Magic Content Menu. Each option on this menu relates to a different aspect of writing and tries to give you tips and advice on each by showing you which of our posts/articles may help. It’s definitely worth a look and it may even give you a helping hand!

Posting Schedule

I’m not going to be posting daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Nope. I’m freeing up the blog from such strict measures. Expect at the very least two articles each week, but there will usually always be more than this. I want you to see new and exciting content when you check out the blog, so I’ll try to post as much as I can.

Here’s a little timetable to show you when our regular features should show up each week:

Monday – Author Interview (Occasional)/Epic List of the Week/Other Content
Wednesday – The Fantasy Photo
Friday – Fiction Friday: The Story

Reviewed! may appear on any day, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for it!

On the remaining days you’ll sometimes find regular posts, other regular features or maybe even a surprise or two along the way. I’m also going to do seasonal posts/events and try to make a little more of the fun stuff that’s happening here in the real world.

I’ve had to remind myself what I originally set out to do with this blog. I want to have fun when I give you content and I want you to have fun reading it or taking part. I think the best blogging is personal and allows you to connect with the blogger. I may have lost a touch of that just lately, so I’m addressing that starting now 🙂

That’s all for today.

~ James

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2 thoughts on “New Week, New Start, New Goodies!

  1. tmso 12-Sep-2012 / 16:48

    Ya gotta do what works for you and your readers. I want to participate in your growing story, but just have too much on my plate. Good luck with that and your new schedule (or lack of one). 🙂

  2. forgingshadows 12-Sep-2012 / 18:22

    I’ve enjoyed reading/participating in your Fiction Friday stuff. I’ll keep contributing when the muse strikes. And good luck with this new direction!

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