Fiction Friday (Thursday): The Story – Episode 4

I really must apologise for not putting up episode four last Friday. I had a week off work (a rare occurrence) and I let it go to my head 😉 Here it is, on a Thursday. Episode five will be up tomorrow as usual, so get your entries in fast!

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Fiction Friday: The Story

In Last Week’s Episode:

A few hours later, the pair came to a huge split in the ground; a crevasse that seemed as if it had torn a painful wound in the world itself. Aleks slowed and carefully approached the edge. Naia circled overhead, having taken the shape of a hawk, and let out a cautioning cry.

Aleks, she said, her voice somehow in his head but not audible. I sense something terrible inside that tear in the earth. I don’t like this.

Something terrible? Aleks was sure his friend was just being overly cautious, but she had been right about such things in the past. He took a deep breath and shimmied gingerly over the edge into the unknown.

The rock was slippery, and Aleks feared for his life as his feet struggled to find purchase on the icy walls. Naia guided him where she could, and slowly but surely he navigated his way down. It seemed to take forever, and he began panting heavily after just a few minutes. Every metre he would look behind him into the freezing darkness, wishing for some light. This was starting to seem like a bad idea.

Naia had changed into a bat, and she hovered anxiously behind him. “I told you it was dangerous,” she said, her mental voice rising in pitch.

Aleks ignored her. “Can you see anything down there?” he asked.

Naia flew around behind him, clicking at a frequency too high for him to hear. “There’s something lodged in this crevasse,” she said. “Not too far now.”

Episode 4

This week in Fiction Friday (Thursday): The Story…

Aleks carefully shimmied down a shallow slope and touched down on a wide ledge. He could see what Naia had meant when she said that something was lodged down here. ‘What is that?’ he said. ‘It’s huge.’

Naia joined him and shifted effortlessly back to her human form. ‘I-I don’t know,’ she said, stumbling over her words. ‘Is that what we’re looking for?’

‘It can’t be,’ Aleks said, scratching his head. ‘Can it?’

Oo, mysterious, no? Your turn!

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6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday (Thursday): The Story – Episode 4

  1. Lauraducky 06-Sep-2012 / 08:47

    Naia moved closer to object, peering at its dark surface. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said, her voice full of awe. Can you make some light?”

    Aleks was already doing so. His was a unique gift, but it required concentration. Closing his eyes, Aleks focused on light. He visualised it filling the space they were in, bathing it in a golden glow. His eyelids turned red and Aleks knew he had succeeded.He opened his eyes, squinting as his pupils adjusted. Beside him, Naia was doing the same. Only now was Aleks able to fully appreciate the object before them.

    It was egg-shaped, but it was larger than any egg he had ever seen before. He and Naia would easily fit inside, and have plenty of room to spare. It was covered in patterns; they seemed to be etched into its stony surface. It was beautiful, and it hummed with power.

    Aleks sighed. Exploring had only uncovered a bigger mystery.

    • James 06-Sep-2012 / 12:23

      I love the magic system you’ve come up with 🙂

  2. evangelinexx 06-Sep-2012 / 09:54

    Naia squinted at the object, trying to make out what it was. “I can’t see anything,” she complained.
    “I’ll make some light,” Aleks replied. He hadn’t wanted to because it would drain his energy reserves, but being in total darkness was beginning to make him feel uncomfortable.
    With a flourish (which he later realised nobody could see) he clicked his fingers and a bright orange orb of light appeared above their heads, illuminating the crevasse for the first time. The light had an ethereal quality to it, making the black rocks around them seem smoother and shinier that they actually were.
    As their eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, Aleks heard Naia quietly gasp. The curiosity within him burnt even brighter at this, and he took a closer look at the object in front of them.
    Nestled within a huge bed of pure crystal which shimmered in the orange glow was an intricate gauntlet made of a bright silver metal. What it was doing there, neither Aleks nor Naia could tell, but it seemed to radiate with power. It seemed like a strange thing to do, to leave a single glove deep below the ground in such a deliberate spot. It made Aleks think that someone had wanted him to find it, but who? He could think of no such person.

    • James 06-Sep-2012 / 12:24

      Interesting. I hadn’t even considered the object being a glove 😮

      • Evangelinexx 06-Sep-2012 / 13:11

        It could really be anything 🙂 Right now whatever the object is, it has no special significance and none of us have any idea really what it can do or whether it is what they are looking for… You get the idea. 😛

  3. forgingshadows 07-Sep-2012 / 11:25

    “Light,” Naia said.

    “Whatever you command,” Alex replied with a sardonic smile that neither of them could see. Light pulsed from his fingers and illumined the crevasse.

    The shining black stone trapped in the gap seemed to eat up all that light. Glistening on its surface were lines upon lines of twisting glyphs. They at once commanded his attention and filled him with a sense of profound dread. He wanted to tear himself away, scale the sides of the crevasse and emerge safe into the open evening. But he couldn’t.

    “Can you read them?” Naia whispered.

    “No.” He had never seen such a language before. But he knew that it marked something important, imparted some knowledge that should never have been lost. He just couldn’t fathom what that knowledge was.

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