Fiction Friday: The Story – Episode 1

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a new feature I’ve been promising you. It’s going to go out every Friday, so make sure you check back to take part! Basically, we’re going to write an epic fantasy story together. There’s no established world, characters or anything yet – that’s all up to you! I’ll start by writing the first part and then you’ll write the next bit. Let’s try to keep our contributions brief so that the story is as diverse as possible.

How It Works

  • Each Friday, I’ll put up a post entitled “Fiction Friday: The Story” and it’ll go on in numerical episodes (1, 2, 3 etc…)
  • I’ll start/continue the story each week and leave it hanging. That’s where you come in…
  • You leave a comment on the post and continue the story. I’ll choose my favourite one and add it to the story for the following week. If I think there are several good contributions, I may adapt them all into the story.
  • Easy as that!

If I don’t get any contributions for that week, the story will just continue next week from where I left off. I’m aiming for us to write something on an epic scale, not just a piece of flash fiction or a short story. I’ll divide it into chapters as we go–remember, you create the characters, the world, the plot. You. Let’s see if we can get a decent-length piece written and then I’ll look into sharing it with fantasy communities across the net!

* * *

Fiction Friday: The Story

It was a grey day. Grey in mood, in weather and in prospects. A light drizzle fell over the small coastal town as mourners flocked to the beaches to pay their respects. A young man named Aleksander, a fisherman’s boy from further up the coast, watched the scene with a mixture of anger and guilt. He hadn’t attended the funeral earlier that day, or the ceremony of cleansing afterward. He was a spectre, doomed to observe from a distance and never feel a part of the real world again.

‘Grim, isn’t it?’ a gravelly voice muttered. ‘Too grim for times like these, anyhow.’

Aleks saw a huge bulk set itself down beside him and immediately knew who the voice belonged to. He smiled.


7 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: The Story – Episode 1

  1. trentlewin 10-Aug-2012 / 09:20

    That is kind of cool. I will watch for a bit and participate.

  2. debyfredericks 12-Aug-2012 / 04:33

    “I knew you’d come,” Aleks said.
    “Couldn’t let it go by.” Pebbles ground under the sea lion’s bulk as it twisted its thick neck around to scratch the middle of its back. “One less hunter with a harpoon is all to the good. There’s few enough of our kind left, as it is.”
    The lad kept his eyes on the procession at the water side. “Did you mean to kill him?” he asked somberly.

  3. leeduigon 12-Aug-2012 / 16:42

    “I had to,” said the sea lion. “He was from that other place, you know. If they come with a harpoon today, they’ll come with something worse tomorrow. The last time that happened was before you were born. I was just a pup, but I remember how scared the elders were. They thought it was the beginning of the end.”

    • James 14-Aug-2012 / 11:26

      Hey, thanks for your contribution! Just to clarify, each contribution should continue on from the story segment that I posted in the main topic, not from other comments. No biggie, but you’ll know for next time! 😀

  4. Angela Meadon 14-Aug-2012 / 09:33

    “Cary!” Aleks turned to his father’s old friend. Only, something wasn’t quite right. Cary seemed normal enough, Aleks could almost smell the pipe-smoke and fish aura that always surrounded the man. Yet, the sunlight seemed to filter through him as though he were no more solid than the heavy bank of clouds above.
    “Dead?” Cary finished his sentence. “Yes, I was out in the boat when a huge squall came up and washed me overboard.”
    “Oh,” Aleks said. “Sorry.”

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