New Champion Post Badges!

Hi everyone. It’s almost the weekend! Hope the weather’s behaving itself for you all.

Champion Post

I just wanted to share some new badges for our revamped Champion Post lineup. Instead of the generic Orange/Grey badge, you’ll now see one of these designs on the corresponding posts when they are posted:

Fantasy Unleashed

Fantasy In Motion Interviews...

Worldbuilder's Workout

Writing By Quotes

If you click on the badge when you see it on the post, it will take you to that category’s page, where you can then find all of the other articles of that kind. I’m going to introduce link-thru buttons for our Author Interviews and Fiction Friday: The Story features at some point too.

Make sure to pay a visit to the blog on Monday, when we’ll have the start of our new post schedule, a special suggestions week and the introduction of our brand new features!


One thought on “New Champion Post Badges!

  1. kford2007 03-Aug-2012 / 13:32

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see everything come together.

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