Notice: A Few Important Changes

Hi Everyone,

First of all, don’t worry, I’m not closing the blog or anything remotely of that nature!

I’m introducing a few changes to the blog, namely:

  1. A new schedule for posts/articles
  2. More information and clarity on regular posts/special features
  3. An open-to-all suggestions week

Just so you’re aware, these changes are not taking place because of a lack of engagement/traffic. In fact, your participation has been fantastic! This is just to make sure I bring you the best possible content I can…

The New Post Schedule

Basically, a few changes to my life are going to be kicking in soon and it’s going to put strain on my ability to put something of good quality up here every day. This is something I’ve considered for a while, but now I’ve decided it’s a good time to do it. Starting this coming week, posts will no longer go up every single day. Here’s what you’ll find instead:

Monday – Post
Wednesday – Post
Friday – Post
Sat or Sun – Weekend Post

This new schedule will allow me more time to construct each post and make sure that you always get something worth reading when you visit. Plus, you now get content on weekends! I really hope you’ll all enjoy the new format. Here’s what our regular posts and features will look like…

Regular Posts & Features

Author Interviews – This is going from strength to strength and I have some really great people coming for you very soon! This won’t go up every Monday, but you can expect at least one interview a month, maybe more. I’ll make sure to let you know ahead of time when one’s on its way.

Fiction Friday: The Story – This is a brand new feature that I’m introducing, due to go out each and every Friday. This is a blog about writing fiction, right? Well, why not celebrate that fact by us all writing a fantasy story together? I know this has been done before on forums across the internet, but have you seen one done on a blog before?

How It Works

  • Each Friday, I’ll put up a post entitled “Fiction Friday: The Story” and it’ll go on in numerical episodes (1, 2, 3 etc…)
  • I’ll start/continue the story each week and leave it hanging. That’s where you come in…
  • You leave a comment on the post and continue the story. I’ll choose my favourite one and add it to the story for the following week.
  • Easy as that!

If I don’t get any contributions for that week, the story will just continue next week from where I left off. I’m aiming for us to write something on an epic scale, not just a piece of flash fiction or a short story. Let’s see if we can get a decent-length piece written and then I’ll look into sharing it with fantasy communities across the net!

Champion Posts

Fantasy In Motion Interviews… – This will still continue. Expect the second installment very soon!
Fantasy Unleashed – A brand new feature! I’ll do a fun roundup of fantasy news from the worlds of books, gaming, movies and anything else between. This will be no-holds-barred… you have been warned.
Trove Thursday – I’m going to discontinue this feature. I don’t feel it works as well as I expected and it’s not really of the quality I think you all deserve. The current episodes will stay on the blog as a three-part miniseries.
Worldbuilder’s Workout – Another brand new feature! I’ll put up advice and thoughts on a particular aspect of worldbuilding and give you a chance to share your experiences and tips, too.
Writing By Quotes – This isn’t going anywhere. I love these, so expect to see more.

Suggestions Week

This is going to be starting from this coming Monday (6th August 2012). Basically, you’ll see a sticky post at the top of the page with a very short feedback form. I’d love to get your thoughts/suggestions for the blog. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like and what you think is missing–don’t hold back! I’ll read through them all and see if I can work to address your concerns 🙂

Note: I’ve removed the Life As They Know It page. You can still find it under the About page. I may end up hosting these comics on their own blog.

3 thoughts on “Notice: A Few Important Changes

  1. kford2007 02-Aug-2012 / 14:47

    sounds like a great plan. I had to reinvent my blog, too. It works a lot better when you can organize yourself and your posts. Good luck!

  2. jakeescholl 02-Aug-2012 / 16:45

    Excited for that collaborative story! 🙂

    • James 02-Aug-2012 / 17:23

      It should be really good fun 🙂

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