Upcoming Good Stuff in July

Hope you’re all enjoying the new-look blog! I’d appreciate your feedback (if you have any) and please don’t hesitate to tell me if something doesn’t work properly. Today I’m going to share a few exciting updates and let you know what you can look forward to this month.

1. Author interviews with Michael J. Sullivan and Elizabeth Moon! This coming Monday I’m going to leave a gap for the first ever Fantasy In Motion Champion Post! It’s interview-themed, so check back to find out what it’s going to be!

2. I can officially reveal the new badge for Champion Posts… 

Keep an eye out for this special badge in future, because it indicates content and ideas unique to Fantasy In Motion!

3. I’ve re-organised the blog’s categories and posts so that it’s easier for you to find useful and interesting content. There’s a new worldbuilding category and a brand new one for our new Champion Posts.

4. I added a brand new progress bar for my own writing underneath my picture on the right-hand side. I’ll keep this updated as frequently as I can.

5. Last, but certainly not least, I would ask that you scroll down the blog a little and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages! I’m going to start putting up posts and content unique to the two social network accounts, so make sure you don’t miss out and Like/Follow the blog!

6. OK, I fibbed. This is the last point. In the tradition of Fridays at the office, here’s today’s Friday Funny!

Enjoy your Fridays and here’s to a great weekend!

~ James


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Good Stuff in July

  1. kford2007 06-Jul-2012 / 13:10

    I love the logo, especially the sword! Great font but the flowery F is a little hard to discern (even though I think it’s beautiful). Good luck with your new novel. Did you set a deadline for completion? Sometimes that helps me to stick with my goal.

    • James 06-Jul-2012 / 13:58

      Thank you. I’m trying to finish up the first draft by November. It should be possible as I know exactly where the plot is heading. All that remains to be seen is whether I can pull it off!

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