Shoutout: 5th July 2012

I thought it was about time I did a few shoutouts to various bloggers out there who have piqued my interest and supported Fantasy In Motion. Here goes…

N. E. White – A fantastic blogger, a moderator on the SFF World forums and someone who has helped me in both my blogging and writing.

Caeblogs – Always has something interesting to say and has supported this blog since it began.

Hereticfox – Another friend from back when the blog was in is infancy. He doesn’t post that often, but when he does it’s well worth reading.

Werdpressed – Great quality content and a long-time supporter of Fantasy In Motion. Well worth a look.

Wyrmflight – A really nice blog about dragons. I love reading this blog whenever I get a chance.

Do these guys a huge favour and check out their blogs. Even leave a comment if you like what you’ve read.

~ James


5 thoughts on “Shoutout: 5th July 2012

  1. trixycae 05-Jul-2012 / 21:08

    I wasn’t expecting this at all! Thanks for the shoutout, James. I shouldn’t take much credit for being supportive of your blog because you make it easy by always having really valuable posts on the craft of writing fantasy. And let’s not forget the brilliant Life As They Know It strips 🙂

  2. debyfredericks 05-Jul-2012 / 21:16

    Thanks for the nod, James. I love seeing your posts turn up in my mail box.

  3. Pissant Partisan 05-Jul-2012 / 22:04

    Cheers James. You’re certainly certainly better at keeping your blog pulsing than I am, and I’m glad for it! I read your updates on my Blackberry all the time. Keep it up.

  4. tmso 05-Jul-2012 / 22:06

    You are sweet. 🙂

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