From The (Fantasy) Web Today

Here are a few articles that grabbed my attention today. I was especially interested to see a few here on planning and outlining a fantasy story, which is something I’m working hard on at the moment. Hope you enjoy!



6 thoughts on “From The (Fantasy) Web Today

  1. kford2007 28-Jun-2012 / 13:52

    Thanks for the pingback and good luck with your writing. Always nice to meet more fantasy authors. Do you write adult or YA?

    • James 28-Jun-2012 / 16:12

      Hi there, I write adult fantasy (nothing racy!) Nice to meet you.

      • kford2007 28-Jun-2012 / 16:15

        Do you write along the lines of Raymond Feist/George R.R. Martin or more like Tolkien, Stephen Donaldson?

        • James 28-Jun-2012 / 18:30

          I guess I was definitely first inspired by Tolkien and a whole slew of children’s fantasy authors. As an adult, I’m most inspired by Joe Abercrombie, Robert E. Howard and a lot of the Warhammer (Fantasy) novels, some of which are pretty good. I guess my style is sword & sorcery with some epic fantasy influences. I love having fun with my writing, exploring a vast, unknown world and keeping the action flowing 🙂

  2. Katie 28-Jun-2012 / 14:18

    Thank you for the resources!

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