Talking About Me…

There’s no author interview today, though do check back next week because I have a fantastic one lined up and then another two for the following weeks. There are some really brilliant authors coming up, so be sure not to miss out! So, I thought I’d write about me today. I try not to talk about myself too often on this blog, just because I want to put my subject, fantasy writing, first and foremost. Alas, today I’m going to break that rule.

So, what’s been happening?

First, I’ve been asked by a bestselling fantasy eBook author to translate their world map from their own hand drawing into a fancy one with pretty colours and stuff (obviously using GIMP as I’m useless with a pencil). The bonus for me is, I love making maps anyway, so this is a really nice little project.

Another exciting thing that happened is I was approached by a pretty well-known fantasy author who hangs out on SFF World and she’s very kindly offered to do an interview for the blog. I won’t give away who it might be, but you’ll want to come have a read once it goes up.

As far as my own writing goes, it’s progressing nicely. I just devised a great scene which I’ll now use as a prologue and should set up the mystery for the rest of the storyline. I originally wasn’t going to have a prologue, and I still believe firmly that unless you have a good idea and its needed for the readers, there’s no need for a prologue. Anyway, the main plot itself is coming along well and I’m excited to progress further into the first part of the story because there are some scenes set on the high seas which build up to the catalyst for part (book) two.

I’m also planning to take part in the monthly flash fiction contest on SFF World this month. I didn’t enter last time because I had so much going on and my story was floundering a bit. This month, however, I still have a busy schedule IRL, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a new piece of flash fiction.

Lastly, I want to let you know about two things:

  1. I’m currently looking for ideas for special series’ of Life As They Know It. If you have any suggestions, you can let me know via the Contact Me page. I’ll choose the best suggestion and do a series from it!
  2. The new Fantasy Mapmaking page is live and it features my complete article on creating a fantasy map in GIMP. Check it out, it makes really nice looking maps. I also want you all to share your own tips/secrets when it comes to making maps. Leave a comment on the Fantasy Mapmaking page and I’ll include the best tips in a special worldbuilding post later on this summer!

2 thoughts on “Talking About Me…

  1. Janet Sketchley 01-Jun-2012 / 12:08

    Congratulations on the map-making and interview opportunities! And doesn’t life in general feel better when the writing’s going well?

  2. James 01-Jun-2012 / 14:01

    Thank you 🙂 You can generally tell how ordered/chaotic a writer’s life is by the state of their work-in-progress.

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