Writing Catchup: 15th May 2012

For your pleasure today I have brought together a collection of blog posts and articles that cover everything fantasy writing related.

I will also share with you a brief update on my own writing progress. I wrote a really nice scene over the past few days which takes place in a subterranean living stronghold that is home to one of my world’s non-human species. Without giving anything away, one of the central characters arrives there after a long time away and discovers that things have taken a disturbing turn for the worse in his absence.

Here is a very short snippet of dialogue from the scene that teases at what’s going on. This is first draft quality, so be kind 😉

‘Haven’t time?’ she said. ‘You have boundless time. Why come back to this world, the place of your making, when there is so much more out there? A tree grows from its roots; it does not grow back down to them again.’

Hope you enjoy the articles below!


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