Character Depth

I was browsing through the FantasyWriters section on Reddit earlier and I came across a comment that really made sense to me. I can’t remember who posted it or which topic it was posted on but here it is:


In my experience the key to interesting characters is making them have a least three layers of depth.

The first layer starts with what everyone sees, the way your character is expected to act. The image they try to show everyone.

The second layer is a more personal side. This is where they show there’s more under the surface. This is the image they either don’t show often or are afraid to show.

The third layer is what they will become. This is the end product of their story, the person they are when all is said and done. This is the hardest layer because chances are even you won’t know where they end up.


I think this is really good advice for character development. While I’m on the blog, I also have some really exciting news for you. Next Friday, I’m going to be featuring another author interview! I’m hoping to make this a regular feature on the blog and get a really nice collection together. If you know of any writers out there who would be interested, please get in touch.

~ James


2 thoughts on “Character Depth

  1. Ed Griffin 11-May-2012 / 03:53

    Good blog. I like the layer idea. Thanks for the link to my blog. Ed

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