Writing Out of Time

Today, I have a simple writing tip for those of you who feel you can’t write quick enough. Sometimes, the words just don’t pour out like they do on those other days. You’ll read about writers who can churn out 2000 words in mere hours. It’s impressive and here’s one thing that can really help.

You will need:

* A stopwatch (online or physical)
* Your preferred writing implement
* Some sort of plan
* Steely determination


1. Make sure you’re ready to write and know where you’re heading.
2. Prepare yourself in front of your keyboard/with pen in hand.
3. Start the stopwatch.
4. Start writing!

A good first goal is 250 words in 15 minutes. It should be achievable, even when you’re not in the best frame of mind for writing. A fun game is to raise the word count target each 15 minutes and see how much you can write in a full hour. If you can write a little more than the target each time, you’ve practically got a chapter/scene written in an hour. Try it – it might sound really simple, but it really does work.

~ James

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2 thoughts on “Writing Out of Time

  1. tmso 08-Mar-2012 / 16:40

    Interesting…I’m not very good with timed things like this. I tried some other method I found on the web…can’t remember what it was called, but it was similar. I agree, though, once you put your mind to it, word counts are easy.

  2. hereticfox 10-Apr-2012 / 08:33

    You forgot the obligatory “think-drink.” Something to sip on when you stop to take a breath. Or am I the only guy weird enough to get an oral-fixation in the middle of trying to think?

    Yeah, that might just be me. Good post!

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