No Laughing Matter

It’s interesting to read a range of writing and taking advantage of the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon to research published authors’ habits and styles. One thing that I have noticed is the use of comedy in serious/epic fantasy works.

In my opinion, a fantasy novel should be an exploration of an invented world and the best of them should include every element of human life: humour, joy, sadness, loyalty, betrayal etc. So, when I see writers weaving humour into their writing, I get the feeling of reading a real, down to Earth story.

I will post more on this tomorrow as I can’t get to the PC right now, so keep an eye out!

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One thought on “No Laughing Matter

  1. Deby Fredericks 12-Feb-2012 / 17:46

    You have a great point. People always remember having fun and books that make them laugh. Even a satiric work, like those of Jim Hines, can be really successful if executed with affection. It’s only a problem when the writer seems truly contemptuous or like a bully that’s ragging on an easy mark.

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