The Mapmaking Tutorial

The Mapmaking Tutorial is coming back with a vengeance! Expect to see it here very soon with all new content…

17 thoughts on “The Mapmaking Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial – I am very excited to try this out! One tiny thing though: when I tried to download the Part 2 screen shots it said ‘File not Found’? Is the link maybe wrong?

    • Just wanted to let you know despite the Part II screenshoots missing I managed to complete (or semi-complete) a trial map. I blogged about it/you and the tutorial here. Thank you for posting this!

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    • Hi Tomás, I hope to have it back up soon – at least before Christmas. I’m working on some new stuff to make the tutorial even better than before!

      • Can’t wait! I started with a small region of my world, and I’m trying to expand on it now. Can you include a brief section about editing/adding to old, finished maps and scaling appropriately? I’d greatly appreciate it!

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